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Let us answer few of the questions which might be coming to your mind?

What is the typical turnaround time (TAT)?

It depends on how complex is the design. If the design is simple, we usually don’t take more than a week. If you are looking to add interactivity, it may take some more time.

Will our clients know we have partnered with HubMonks?

Nope. Never. We keep our relationship strictly confidential and we follow strict NDA terms with all our clients. Your clients will never come to know about our relationship unless and until you wish.

Are the templates fully functional?

We will play the front-end role of crafting beautiful designs by understanding end customer’s needs. Monks will work as a back-bone to convert these designs into awesome landing page, email, or website templates. It’s about understanding each other and valuing the commitments. This builds a win-win relationship.

Can I see some of your previous work?

We are sorry. As mentioned earlier we work on strict NDA terms. We ensure strict compliance and complete privacy. However, you can download any of the templates we have published on Hubspot Marketplace to check the quality of our work. Many of them are free. You can get the list below in our work area.

Well, how does this partnership actually work out?

We only play a small role in the overall inbound marketing plan that you are looking after. The designing work will be taken care of by you and we will only implement the required coding based on Hubspot COS methodology.

What is the QA process?

We have a three step QA process that includes developer’s checklist, coding review, and final quality analysis in the QA lab.

Could you give me a ballpark amount of the services?

To get the ballpark cost of your project, you will have to talk with one of our experts and discuss your requirements.

Do I get a dedicated account manager for my project?

You do. He will be your single point of contact as we believe that too many cooks will spoil the recipe. So, you will have a dedicated monk all to yourself who will play your guide throughout the development process.

What if I want to have some changes after the project is delivered?

We offer iterations till you are 100% satisfied. If there is some charge involved in the proposed changes, we will let you know.

Do you have a customer support system?

We believe in maintaining healthy relationships with our clients and provide support before and after the projects have been completed.

More Questions? Why not to get in touch?