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Valuable Add-Ons, Extensions and APIs To Make HubSpot-ting Easy

May 26, 2017 | Dev Shah

Maybe you want to enhance the performance of your existing HubSpot marketing software, want to access tools that help you implement inbound methodology, or use HubSpot functions on your existing sales and marketing tools. We have compiled a list of all the available tools, add-ons, extensions and APIs that will help you utilize the power HubSpot.

HubSpot’s Tools

Make My Persona


Make My Persona from HubSpot is an online wizard that will guide you throughout the persona building process.

HubSpot Email Signature Template Generator

Fill up the required form, preview the signature and move on to download a professional email signature template for use across Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail and other popular email providers.


HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

You simply have to enter the main topic on which you want to focus by entering them into the given nouns box. HubSpot will provide 5 blog topics based on those nouns.


Add-Ons From HubSpot

HubSpot Reporting Add On

Different teams involved in an inbound marketing campaign could watch only the metrics that matter to them the most. Marketing and sales data now get a centralized home via this reporting add-on.


  • You are able to create in-depth customizable reports.
  • You could easily change the chart types with one click to have your own customized view.
  • You could customize the reports that matter at different levels of the organizations across various teams.

HubSpot Add On For Ads

With HubSpot Ads you are able to track the ROI of your paid campaigns on Facebook, Adwords, and LinkedIn.  The HubSpot Ads add on will automatically do quick calculations to help you decide which campaign works the best for you in terms of ROI.

  • Get Exact ROI Of Your Ads Campaign


  • Build Ads Natively On HubSpot And Create Highly Targeted Campaigns


Get a single platform to create and analyse all your paid campaigns on Facebook, Adwords and LinkedIn.

Website Add-on

Marketers don’t need any knowledge of coding and could bring about a personalized experience in this drag-and-drop web environment.


  • Just enter your targeted keywords and optimize the website content for search based on automated suggestions.
  • Inline editor is the easiest way a marketer could edit content of a page. Modify on the actual webpage to know how your changes appear.
  • Automatically creates responsive design.
  • Content Staging gives a development environment for website redesign or creating staged pages that could be launched with the click of a button.
  • Get complete analytics on the page performance and how it is helping your marketing efforts.

Contact HubMonks For HubSpot Web Development >>


HubSpot helps you by adding an extra “s” to the “http” of your website URL to apply a secure socket layer that increases trust, boosts search engine performance, and gives you a peace of mind in terms of security of the website. SSL is priced separately and to purchase it you will have to contact your account manager at HubSpot or a sales representative.

Dedicated IP

Do you think that the following points will enhance your online business performance?

  • Access your website to see how it looks at any given time.
  • Get a dedicated email for your business and land up directly in the inbox of your prospects.
  • Do you want to run third party applications that require dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP for HubSpot is just the right thing for you.

Transactional Email

The transactional email add-on for HubSpot will allow you to send automated receipts, account updates, and system messages with full engagement tracking. In addition to that, track the engagement with all your mails.

  • Automate mail sending
  • Easily measure email performance, including opens and clicks.
  • Enhance brand reputation by adding a dedicated IP.

Transactional email is an optional add-on that costs $1,000/month.

Additional HubSpot Portal

For multiple ventures within the same businesses house, the Additional HubSpot Portal will allow them to carry on the marketing activities from the same platform.

  • Get distinct reporting for each business segment.
  • Global businesses could get separate reporting and analytics based on the region.
  • Dedicate a portal to your events and use it to send event-branded emails.

Lead Flows

Lead Flows from HubSpot will enable to create lead generation forms of various types that could appear at various locations. Check out how your leads are interacting with your website. The vital data from Lead Flows will help in knowing the customer and creating targeted messages for them.


HubSpot Social Media For Google Chrome

Sharing content on social media becomes easier when you have the HubSpot social media extension on your Chrome browser. The extension enables to share web pages that you just liked or highlight text to share it on your social media network. Also know whether the tweets are from customers, leads, or contacts to decide your communications strategy with them.


HubSpot Sales Extension For Google Chrome

You have a HubSpot sales account? You could now access the vital functions right from your Chrome browser.

  • Check out who all are opening and clicking the mails.
  • You get to check the person’s title, company, social profiles, and recent tweets.
  • See the details of a person’s company and link to the existing CRM records.
  • Sequence feature will help in following-up in relevant and personalized way.

You could connect to Gmail and Outlook.


HubSpot Connect

HubSpot has already introduced an initiative called the HubSpot Connect, which helps marketing and sales tool companies integrate their applications with HubSpot.

If you share the same inbound philosophy as HubSpot, you could build integration for your application and become HubSpot Connect Partner. Click on the below given link to get a list of all the tools and applications that have got their hands on HubSpot API:

(List of Marketing & Sales Integration For HubSpot)

Zapier Integrations

Zapier has dedicated a major chunk of its Zaps to HubSpot. No coding is required and you could easily connect the HubSpot data with a vast number of tools that your team uses, including MailChimp, Google Sheets, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, and more.

All you need to do is visit this page on Zapier and find out the API that best suits your requirements:

(HubSpot Integrations on Zapier)


HubSpot is getting better continuously. They are fine-tuning the marketing system to enhance its features and give users an edge as compared to other platforms. It has already made things simple for marketers and with each passing year, they burst into the scene with new product spotlight in the Inbound conference in Boston. Stay tuned on this space for more enhancements and add-ons for your marketing and sales campaigns.



Dev Shah

Dev Shah

Dev is the Head of Marketing at HubMonks, a HubSpot content management system (CMS) partner for major inbound marketing agencies and brands. Dev utilizes and swears by the power of the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology. He loves to share valuable insights on HubSpot’s marketing software, content management system (CMS) and the best practices to set up successful inbound marketing campaigns.

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