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The Secrets Of Adding Interactivity On HubSpot Forms

February 21, 2017 | Dev Shah

The evolving nature of website visitors has brought marketers to a point of understanding that online behavioral “motivations” are the underlying factor to boost engagement. These behavioral motivations could have many facets, but the basic goal is to provide a cognitively and esthetically rich experience that guides the audience throughout the website journey.

Interactive websites have proven to be the stimulants for online prospects’ perceptions and could influence the users to slide further down in the conversion funnel if they get enhanced features and controls. This generates a positive vibe and pushes the user to explore more and fulfill their own, and in turn the business goals by responding to the major elements on the website.

In our previous article in the same series, we discussed how to add interactivity to sliders on HubSpot. Continuing with the series, in this article we will discuss how HubSpot forms could be made interactive in order to facilitate the visitors with control over the forms to boost submissions. 

Interactivity in Forms

Consumer attitudes and behavior with their online experiences have been evolving with each passing day. There are many motivations for the online prospect today; however the most important elements are goal-oriented and realistic motivations. A form has to fulfill both these motivations in order to ensure increasing number of form submissions. With every interactive element on the form, a trust has to be established that the prospect is advancing towards the fulfillment of the need. A form supplements all the elements of a lead generation website template.

Forms In HubSpot

A form in HubSpot COS/CMS web development platform is power-packed with lead intelligence. However, designing and building forms on HubSpot could be a new experience for web developers as it provides a fresh interface as compared to its other counterparts. At HubMonks, we have helped our clients get their desired interactivity although we found out that it provides minimal interactivity by default. In this article, we will reveal the secrets about how you could go around playing with interactivity on HubSpot forms and bring out what should engage the audience and trigger submissions.

Click Here To View The Sample Form Created By HubMonks >>

HubMonks Discovery For Interactivity On HubSpot Forms

  1. Custom JS Script: There is very less scope for customization on HubSpot forms. However, we figured out that you could either edit them in the modules or generate a JS script that could be customized to add interactivity.
  2. Scroll-to function: This function could be used to connect a form with a link on button or call-to-action. Every time the linked will be clicked, the screen will scroll to bring the visitor right to the form without moving them to another page.
  3. Modal pop-up: Modal pop-up forms could be created on COS/CMS sites without hassles. If forms are not part of your design and you want to include them on a webpage, modal pop-ups could be use to display these form. The visibility of modal popup forms depends on user interaction (i.e. user clicks on page or loads a page)
  4. Smart Forms: With the help of the Smart Form feature with HubSpot, users will get to fill up the details on the basis of their buyer’s journey and they will not have to fill up the same information repeatedly. The HubSpot developer could select smart forms option from the module in the HubSpot design manager.
  5. Tooltips: With HubSpot forms it is possible to have tooltips so that a message would appear each time a cursor is positioned over any field, image, or hyperlink on the form.
  6. Form validation: All the standard validation elements are available with HubSpot for form validation. However, if you want to have your own customized form validation elements, you will need the help of a front-end developer who is skilled in scripting.
  7. Form validation with borders and text: If you are looking for the same generic messages, they are pre-built in HubSpot. However, if you want customized messages along with color change of borders or the field, you will need to help of a front-end developer who is skilled in scripting.
  8. Pre-loaders after submission: Does the customer need some message to know what they should do after submitting a form? Yes, they do. Or else, they might go to some other page or keep on hitting the submit button multiple times. On the HubSpot form it is possible to have a pre-loader that will hold them for a while as the next step after the form submission takes place.
  9. Text areas, dropdown, checkbox and radio buttons: You do not need to go with the same default elements as our developers have discovered the secret of having customized areas including text, and selection options.
  10. Post-processing: The post-processing stage begins once the form is submitted and our server has received all the information. This is where you could provide additional information and offers to your prospects.

Interactivity on HubSpot form

HubMonks have prepared a sample form that will highlight some of the key components. The below given link will direct to the form.

Click Here To View The Sample Form Created By HubMonks >>


One of the main concerns for developers while considering the HubSpot template builder is that they might not be able to achieve the same kind of interactivity that they might get on other platforms. However, at HubMonks we are evolving with continuous R&D to ensure that our developers get the ability to do custom web development on the fresh, new interface.

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Dev Shah

Dev Shah

Dev is the Head of Marketing at HubMonks, a HubSpot content management system (CMS) partner for major inbound marketing agencies and brands. Dev utilizes and swears by the power of the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology. He loves to share valuable insights on HubSpot’s marketing software, content management system (CMS) and the best practices to set up successful inbound marketing campaigns.

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