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Editability Hacks For Marketers In HubSpot COS/CMS

February 25, 2017 | Dev Shah

HubSpot itself claims its content optimization/management system (COS/CMS) to be built for the modern marketer. It means that at a crucial point of time, marketers could temporarily take the developers’ seat to create digital assets for every visitor to suit their online behaviour.

Not only marketers are able to work with templates, they are also able to provide a personalized touch to each communication medium to suit their targeted audience. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that everything is like a cake-walk for the marketers. There are certain pain areas that marketers face while developing their digital assets on HubSpot. Could the marketers overcome these pain point themselves? HubMonks has identified some challenging areas for marketers and inbound marketing agencies and how they could crack them to ensure that they don’t get stuck during crucial moments.

A marketer could leverage the following two interfaces to edit various components of a digital assest:

1. HubSpot COS/CMS Design Manager

2. HubSpot COS/CMS Page-level Editor

Let us now see how marketers could work on both these platforms:


1. Editing on HubSpot COS/CMS Design Manager

Marketers get in a fix when they land up on design manager as content editing could be complex here. It should be understood that the HubSpot Design Manager is more of a template builder and editor of which content is just a secondary part here. Marketers could edit and update the content at the page level and get the lead generation website template or all the digital assets fully-funtional for inbound.

Adding/Editing Modules

There are certain considerations that marketers need to keep in mind while working with modules on HubSpot COS/CMS for their web templates:

  • When planning to group multiple modules, a marketer will only be able to have 12 modules in a single group.


    • If a particular module is to be replicated on other locations on a page, it is essential to move the whole container to the desired location and not only the module. Module replicating in HubSpot template builder
        • If you are looking to locate a module from the left side-bar, figure out whether it is a standard, custom, or global module.

Module locating on HubSpot Design Manager

Preview Blogs

Most of the COS/CMS provide a preview for the blog post. However, with the HubSpot COS/CMS marketers could also get a view of the blog lists so that they could edit the layout of the blog page.

Blog preview in HubSpot COS

Editability of Background

Marketers could edit images easily on page level, but when it comes to background image its not easy to achieve same. For this purpose the marketers will need the help of a  HubSpot COS/CMS developer and get a custom module coded on Hubl module. On doing this, editability becomes far easy and simple.

HubSpot COS background editing

Now the marketer will have to select the module for which the background is to be changed and upload the desired picture. The naming convention plays an important role and marketers/developers need to ensure that the components are named relevantly so that they are easily located.

Editability with CSS

Marketers should limit playing with the CSS of a webpage to update content. However, custom web development is not totally blocked for them. If they really have to make some quick updates, they could use the design manager to apply in-line CSS.

HubSpot COS  in-line editor for CSS

If the changes are not reflecting after applying in-line CSS, the marketers will need the help of COS/CMS developers.

Flexible Column

A/B testing is something marketers have to perform more often. If there are web pages or modules that need to be A/B tested, marketers should communicated with developers to have flexi-column for these components to ensure that they could be modified for testing.

HubSpot web development (flexible column)





2. HubSpot COS/CMS Page-level Editor

Copying Content from Other Sources

When you want to display content from another source, it should be pasted on other document before it goes in to the page level editor. This will clear the source formatting and the HTML part of the source format will not be applied to the content on your web page.

Settings In Page Editor

HubSpot COS Page Editor 2

Marketers get a plethora of options to optimize their pages for search engines. Here are all the features they could work with:

  • Page title: This is the space where marketers could tell visitors and search engines what the page is all about. It could be leveraged to insert important keywords to improve rankings.
  • Page URL: Marketers could modify the URL to insert keywords. These URLs play an important role for the visitors to determine whether they should click through from search engines.
  • Meta Description: A 160-word description could be entered here that is displayed as snippets along with search engine results. Though they will not affect rankings for a web-page, they will definitely help in increasing the click-through rates.
  • Campaign: Marketers could associate their web pages or blog posts with a campaign so that they could pull out the reports to see which campaign is performing better.
  • Password Protection Of Page: Certain pages might only me made visible for a specific segment of audience who already have the password.
  • Set page expiration with date and time: If a particular page must expire after an offer has ended, marketers could specify the date and time when the page will become unavailable. These type of pages come handy when there is a counter placed on the website and once it reaches the decided time, the page will become unavailable.
  • Template settings: If the templates are ready, marketers could quickly swap the page template and make a new version live.


For marketers, editability is a boon in a web development platform as it gives them the freedom to incorporate essential marketing principles and gel them with the web templates. In critical situations when they have to make certain pages live for the audience with recent updates, marketers could conveniently leverage the friendly editablity functions on their HubSpot COS/CMS templates. The above shared knowledge by us will serve as a comprehensive guide for marketers to fully use the editability hacks.


Hubspot COS/CMS


Dev Shah

Dev Shah

Dev is the Head of Marketing at HubMonks, a HubSpot content management system (CMS) partner for major inbound marketing agencies and brands. Dev utilizes and swears by the power of the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology. He loves to share valuable insights on HubSpot’s marketing software, content management system (CMS) and the best practices to set up successful inbound marketing campaigns.

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