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Infographic: An Exploded View Of The HubSpot CMS Brain

September 20, 2016 | Dev Shah

What happens when you get an intuitive CMS that integrates the marketing principles to give a personalized experience to your prospects? The result is a high conversion machine that has the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology at its core.

Our latest infographic compares the HubSpot Content Optimization/Management System (COS/CMS) with a multi-functional brain that is capable of carrying out multiple tasks at the same time. The COS/CMS is power-packed with all the tools to help you create fully-featured and advanced websites, landing pages, emails, and blogs. It is built for modern day customer-centric marketing that empowers the customer to base their decision upon useful information.

With the infographic, “An Exploded View Of The HubSpot COS/CMS Brain,” you will get a complete understanding of the various features of the HubSpot COS/CMS along with the benefits for marketers and how it could enhance an online marketing campaign.

Here are the major points covered in our infographic:

  • Introduction to HubSpot COS/CMS.
  • How it boosts the conversion funnel?
  • Should there be a comparison between HubSpot COS/CMS & Traditional CMS?
  • Advantages of the HubSpot COS/CMS for users and marketers


One of the most important elements of the current online marketing scenario is to give a personalized experience to your prospects and COS/CMS is the most advanced COS/CMS with marketing wrapped all around it.

Read through our infographic to enter the world of HubSpot COS/CMS and figure out why this multi-faceted brain is what you need for optimal success in inbound marketing.

HubSpot COS infographic

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Dev Shah

Dev Shah

Dev is the Head of Marketing at HubMonks, a HubSpot content management system (CMS) partner for major inbound marketing agencies and brands. Dev utilizes and swears by the power of the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology. He loves to share valuable insights on HubSpot’s marketing software, content management system (CMS) and the best practices to set up successful inbound marketing campaigns.

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